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            1. Metal working fluid

              T&L metal working fluid is free of nitrite, zinc, chlorine and other heavy metal. it’s environment-friendly and Microbiological stable which can extend tools life. T&L COL AL423 is Suitable for difficult cutting materials or process on both individual machine and central systems, particularly for rough and finish machining of aluminum and aluminum alloy. Also for cast iron, carbon steel materials processing; T&L COL EC415 is Applied to ferrous metal cutting, drilling, boring, milling, reaming and other processing. Also for processing aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metals. T&L COL SYN 843 is Recommend for boring, broaching, drilling, milling, cutting, sawing, tapping, turning and grinding on non-ferrous or ferrous metals. Grinding concentration is 3-5% and cutting concentration is 6-10%. T&L COL SYN 852 is Suitable for honing, grinding of casting and steel. Recommend concentration is 4-5%.