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            1. Environment-friendly Fire-resistant Hydraulic Fluids

               ● HFC type, biodegradable, environmental friendly water-based hydraulic fluid flame resistant, glycols-free formulation
              ● German Water Hzazrd Class (WGK):WGK1,minimize the hzaard for water bodies
              ● FM approval,Factory Mutual Approved as a less hazardous fluid
              ● Greater compatibility with most of the seals and the elastomers normally used in hydraulic plants compared to traditional water/glycol fluids
              ● High safety features, excellent anti – flammability
              ● The COD value of the waste liquid is much less than theCOD value of the waste liquid of conventional water glycol fluid. It has excellent environmental friendliness and extremely low effluent treatment cost characteristics, and can be discharged after release
              ●  Excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance